Courtship Online

Courtship Online

Through the generations, love has blossomed through whatever avenues were available. Courtship has changed from decade to decade and the rules surrounding the beginnings of relationships have determined how many couples found each other. There was a time when many marriages where arranged. And a time when men and women found each other at social events in the unlikeliest of circumstances such as wars. Today, many couples meet at college, or through introductions made by well-meaning friends. But even more recently, a new component has entered the world of courtship; the computer has become just as integral to many relationships as anything else. With our growing dependence on the computer, its no wonder that the online relationship has grown exponentially!

In todays society, the computer is central to all that we do. We work, play and shop. The computer has both entertained and catered mans our busy lifestyle. Its a timesaver and with the world around us moving at a sometimes frenzied pace, we look for any way whatsoever to save time. Once of the ideas that sprung up with the computer and Internet boom was that people can actually meet each other online! Those clever enough to foresee what the computer could mean for those looking for love, began to set up websites that would bring people together; a technologically advanced matchmaker for this century. And the online relationship was born.

Today, people looking to find a mate have their choice from hundreds of websites dedicated to the search. Some are general dating sites; others cater to a very specific group of people looking to find a match based on particular religion, gender, appearance, financial status, careers, and much more. Membership is generally required on these sites in order to browse through the profiles of other members. Most often you create your own profile, detailing specific things about your personality and appearance. If theres a match through the site, you have the option of developing an online relationship with the person of your choice.

This part of the process is the courtship for our generation. We can chat and get to know each other online- sometimes intimately - before ever meeting in person. In fact, in many cases, couples choose not to meet until they have established a strong online relationship. Its like having a pen pal of yesteryear; but the pen pals of today have the opportunity for live chats and instant picture downloads. As compared to pen pals, it is much faster and efficient to communicate with your mate.

It is not difficult to see that the online relationship will continue to thrive in this world of high-energy careers and non-stop schedules. It is a fast and easy way to get to know another person without the hassle of waiting. Online courtship and dating allow us to take control of our personal life and find love at our own pace.