Consumer Report on Wake Up Now, Inc.
Consumer Report on Wake Up Now, Inc.

Consumer Report on Wake Up Now, Inc.

Wonder why you always get pitched with greedy MLM companies that just tweak
a previous companys product or plan comes out of the woodwork with a "new" proprietary
product or process??

Wake Up Now Inc is far from being your daddys MLM - they
bending over backwards to make a difference
in how the MLM industry is viewed by the masses, which is not going to be easy.

Troy Muhlestein, the Founder of Wake Up Now, Inc. started this company as the
final phase of his life after he, like one in ten people in our country, became one
of the many unemployed in the last few years.

With the help of a few experienced business partners, he is chipping away
at the problem that plagues America. Richard Smith, the Founder of UnityOne, a charity that owns forty-nine percent of Wake Up Now, has a personal
philosophy that "no one will spend more than they make with
Wake Up Now".

This is a bold statement, considering that in typical network marketing three
percent of the distributors make 97% of the money, and the idea that
if every Wake Up Now distributor were making more than he was spending, Wake Up
Now would quickly go out of business.

Doesnt that remind you of how our country is run?

In an environment that is crowded with salesmen, companies, and
civic leaders that fall short on promises on just about everything can this new company swim
against the current or will they be yet another wolf in sheeps clothing that has,
in efforts to make a quick buck, hurt the very people they are trying to benefit?

But is it wise to try and change the industry to what inexperienced people
think it should be, or is there a
reason that the chips always fall as they do for network marketers? Do the majority
of network marketers even really know what is good for them? If they were allowed
to change the industry in any way they wanted, would it end up any better than it

If you ask me, thinking outside the box is usually very effective - every
improvement in our standard of living can be traced back to a change in thinking .
We would be in a completely different world if it werent for them. However,
trying to think too hard in order to get outside the box can also be a bad thing.

As its been said before, "If it aint broke, dont fix it." Many people out
there might think that network marketing is "broke" and needs some fixin -
Wake Up Now would most definitely fall into this group.

But is network marketing broken, or is it the people that do it that are broken?

If it is the people after all, will this new, ambitious company be able to
provide something that will help change them? Should they be able to do this
on a large scale, I would support their cause even if people cant break even with Wake Up
Now and CurrentSee.

If you need more information about Wake Up Now, or how to be successful with their
opportunity, please read my Steps for Success complete review on Wake Up Now.

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