Causes of Sudden High Blood Pressure: The Silent Killer

Causes of Sudden High Blood Pressure: The Silent Killer

Depending on your daily activity, your blood pressure constantly changes. Unpredictable causes of sudden high blood pressure can also be related to your mental status or even the time of the day. In most cases, if your blood pressure has been stable for most of your life, a sudden onset of high blood pressure measurements could return to normal.

If your blood pressure is usually normal, physicians generally repeat a second and third blood pressure reading before becoming concerned. However, if a sudden or dramatic rise in blood pressure continues for more than several days may justify medical attention. Short- term high blood pressure may cause an acute crisis of effects while long- term high blood pressure can obviously cause damaging and devastating consequences.

An unpredictable or sudden rise of high blood pressure may result in nosebleeds, giddiness, headaches and/or feelings of oppression in the chest. Multiple rises of blood pressure is subject to induce small cerebral vascular accidents that may be extremely damaging to the brain.

If your blood pressure suddenly rises and remains elevated, this may signify other important medical issues or obvious causes that must be addressed. The sudden onset of high blood pressure may be due to the side effects from certain drugs (both prescription and street drugs). When your body produces too much of certain hormones, it may cause your blood pressure to rise unexpectedly.

The Kidney disease that narrows the flow of the blood to the kidneys or even identified complications that are associated with pregnancy may also result in high blood pressure sudden onset. Obvious causes that elicit doctors to avoid providing unnecessary treatment to patients and that you may have full control over must be addressed.

Such causes of sudden onset might be excessive alcohol or caffeine consumption. Other obvious factors include the consumption of cocaine and other prescribed drugs such as the contraceptive pill, anti- inflammatory drugs, adrenal steroids, nasal decongestions or antidepressants.

Of course, your physician will prescribe a medical evaluation to address these types of circumstances. You should actually be monitored by a hospital in order to carry out certain procedures to treat short- term high blood pressure. The residing physician will order Antihypertensive Therapy to make the blood pressure lower.

The therapy is managed by intravenous injection. This therapy is generally utilized if there is a risk of serious organ damage. However, if an acute Oedema of the lung appears, the doctor will prescribe a diuretic intravenous treatment. Causes of sudden high blood pressure are vast, but can be potentially self- maintained. It is certainly recommended that you seek the attention of a physician if the episodes of acute high blood pressure persist.

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