Birthday Invitation Phrases and Wording

Birthday Invitation Phrases and Wording

Birthday invitations, and the wording and phrases that go in them, can run the gamut from witty and fun to serious and straightforward. The best thing to keep in mind when deciding upon birthday invitation verses and wording is who the birthday party is for. Age, personality, interests, and even profession can play a part. The invitation wording should represent the celebrant well.

Childrens Birthday Invitations are typically fun and lighthearted, and usually play a part in a larger theme. Sometimes inspiration for a theme can come just by browsing through some birthday invitations.

Once a theme is in place, youll want to include birthday invitation wording to match. For a Circus themed party with Circus party invitations the invitation wording might read:

The giraffe stretches his neck to see;
the elephant waves his trunk with glee;
the seal twirls his ball with joy,
in honor of the birthday boy.
Come join Cody in celebrating his seventh birthday
Saturday, April 20th at 1:00 PM
RSVP (509) 123-4567

The older the child gets it may become easier to decide on a theme, or even forgo the theme as the child gets into its teen years. A sweet sixteen, for example, is a theme all its own. For this kind of party, you should pick out some Sweet Sixteen invitations that fit the personality of the celebrant. If its a girl, something pink and frilly might be appropriate, such as Princess Tiara Birthday Party Invitation, with the following wording:

Steer clear! Briannas got a license to drive!
Come celebrate her sweet sixteen.

Friday, March 14th
5:00 - 7:00 PM
at Big Daddys Bowling

2850 S. Ray, Spokane
R.S.V.P. (509)-777-7777

If the birthday person is turning 18 years of age or younger, it is considered okay to include the exact age they are turning in the birthday invitation wording. When considering including jokes about age, do so with much consideration and sensitivity. Consider the formality of the party and whos being invited. If its a formal dinner for a coworker, you may want to nix any thought of light-heartedness. If its a backyard barbeque party for a close relative or friend, this may be the perfect time for a light-hearted jab. Generally, the rule is to only make an age-related joke if the person whos birthday youre celebrating would make the joke themselves.

When considering birthday invitation wording when the celebrant is an adult, it is common to point out the joys of growing older:

Some things are better the older they grow.
Antiques, wine and someone special we know!

You should still keep in mind who is having the birthday. You dont necessarily have to throw a themed party, but the wording for the birthday invitation cards should show a glimmer of who the celebrant is. Lets say the celebrant enjoys Gardening. Youll want to get Garden Party Invitations and include matching wording:

Friends are flowers in the garden of life . . .
and weve "picked" a great bunch to celebrate Jackies Birthday.

Another avenue you might pursue is the surprise party. In your invitation wording, it should be expressed clearly that the celebrant doesnt and shouldnt know details of the party. Here are some examples:

Shh! Its a surprise party!
Please join us in celebrating

Holly Roberts 30th birthday
On September 2nd
At 7 oclock pm
The Smiths House
1201 S. Wesley
Madison, WI

Our good friend Jerry is turning the big 5-0
Were throwing a party, and youre invited to show.
If you can make it, heres a word to the wise,
Keep it under your hat, cause its a surprise!
July 10th at 6 PM
At the Rock Bottom Brewery
560 Main Street
Seattle, WA

Please join us in celebrating

Tina Clarks Birthday
on May 22nd
Cocktails - 6:00pm

Dinner - 7:30pm
Scratch Restaurant
345 W Ivy
Its a surprise!

Overall, your birthday invitation wording should not only convey the details of the party, but should also be a good reflection of who the celebrant is.

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