Beautiful Breast - How to Increase Your Breast Size
Beautiful Breast - How to Increase Your Breast Size

Beautiful Breast - How to Increase Your Breast Size

If you are a woman with small breasts, you may think that you need to get plastic surgery to increase your breast size. But the reality is, unless you want to increase several cup sizes, there are natural ways to get bigger breasts without surgery and there are even more ways to make your chest look larger just by making a few changes. In this article, I am going to go over several ways to do this.

Birth Control and Your Breast Size

Birth control isnt necessarily natural but will increase the size of your bust in most women. The reason behind this is that birth control pills regulate (or stimulate) hormones which naturally will most likely affect your breast size. Many women experience an increase of one cup size. The downside is that birth control effects other things as well including brain and organ function. They can also put you at a higher risk of cancer. If you do decide to try birth control to increase your bust, expect for you breast to feel tender to the touch.

Exercise and Your Breast Size

A lot of women fear exercise because they think by losing fat, their breasts will actually get smaller. But what exercise really does is reduce the other fatty areas of your body which in turn will make your boobs appear larger. It is really one of those deals where if you can reduce your overall size, it will make other areas appear larger. This is probably the most healthy way to go because you arent adding potentially harmful growth hormones into your body. Then again, you arent exactly increasing are just making things look bigger.

On this same note, if you work on your chest and back muscles (the supporting cast to your breasts), you should notice a difference in firmness.

Improving your posture will make your breasts look larger

Another method that doesnt require breast augmentation is to simply stand up straight and walk with your shoulders back. Once, again, while posture doesnt necessarily increase bust size, it does give the appearance that your breasts are larger.

There you have it. 3 ways to improve the size of your breasts or in the very least, make them appear larger. I would like to leave on this note though. Hollywood places a lot of emphasis on breast size. Most men dont. Larger breasts may give you more confidence but if you are doing it because you think that men prefer larger breasts over smaller ones, think again. Most men are just happy to have any "breasts" around. Download your Breast Enhancement ebook @
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