All My Sons Play - The Story Of An American Dream Gone Wrong

All My Sons Play - The Story Of An American Dream Gone Wrong

The All My Sons play which was Arthur Millers first commercial success had its opening in New York at the Coronet Theatre on the 29th of January 1947. All My Sons is believed to be the first of Millers main plays. The Man Who Had All The Luck, an earlier play by Miller written in 1944 did not enjoy a commercial success and had quickly closed. At the time when All My Sons play was launched, his reputation as a writer was entirely based on his novel Focus (1945). The novel was based on anti-Semitism. All My Sons earned rave reviews for the dramatist and ran for 328 performances. It also won the coveted New York Drama Critics Circle Award. In All My Sons, Miller portrays the strong influence of Greek tragedy as well as Henrik Ibsen.

All My Sons On Broadway

The second Broadway revival of All My Sons play has a cast which includes Academy Award winner Dianne Wiest, film actor Katie Holmes, theatre star Patrick Wilson and Tony Award winner John Lithgow. The direction of the play is by Tony Award nominee, Simon McBurney. All My Sons marks the long awaited Broadway debut of film actress Katie Holmes who is married to Tom Cruise. Two times Academy Award winner, Dianne Wiest has appeared on Broadway in several productions and is also an Emmy Award winner. Wiest has also performed Off-Broadway in the revival of The Seagull. Patrick Wilson, a Golden Globe nominee as well as a Tony nominee made his Broadway debut in The Gershwins Fascinating Rhythm. John Lithgow has won Tony Awards for his performances in Sweet Smell Of Success and The Changing Room.

All My Sons- The Story

All My Sons play is the story of an American family entangled in the complexities of personal responsibilities and patriotic duties. The story deals with the fate of the Deever and the Keller families. Joe Keller, the typical self-made American has committed an atrocious act during World War II period. Keller and Herbert Deever ran a machine shop during war time. To meet a rush order from the Army at that time, the firm sold defective airplane parts which later caused the death of 21 men. Following a trial, Keeler was exonerated and the blame shifted to Deever who was imprisoned. The main action in the play revolves around these tragic incidents and the fact that the young Keeler son, a fighter pilot was reported missing in action during the war. Joe who spends his entire life pursuing wealth for his family epitomises the Great American Dream gone awry.

The entire story of All My Sons play takes place over the span of a day and is set in a backyard which symbolises the result of American affluence with its lush green lawn bordered by poplars, a large house with a porch and relaxing outdoor furniture. The success of the play is seen in the fact that time flies by while watching it. All My Sons play is a classic production that you must not miss. Book your tickets today. has a long history of providing excellent services to its patrons. You can visit our site for your premium Information All My Sons and news, reviews articles and more on getting All My Sons online.