All My Sons - A Play Epitomising The American Dream Gone Awry

All My Sons - A Play Epitomising The American Dream Gone Awry

All My Sons reveals the story of Joe Keller, a successful middle-aged man who hides a terrible past. During World War II, Keller knowingly sold defective airplane parts to the army in his hurry to meet the order on time. The planes later crashed and resulted in the death of 21 men. Joe Keller who framed his business partner, Steve Deever for this crime got an acquittal himself and lived a free man. In All My Sons, the playwright, Arthur Miller, questions the morality of a man who places his responsibilities towards his family far above the much wider responsibility he owes towards the people who rely on the integrity of his work. The idea for the play originated in a true story which took place during the Second World War. A manufacturer had deliberately shipped out parts which were defective for use in tanks. This resulted in mechanical failures which led to the death of several men. The manufacturer was later convicted for his atrocious crime.

The Conflicting Loyalties And Responsibilities Of All My Sons

Joe Keller, the main character, a man who places his family above all else has sacrificed everything, including his principles, for the well being and prosperity of his family. Joe Keller has lost his elder son and is now keen to see the marriage of his younger son, Chris. Chris however wishes to marry Ann, the former girlfriend of his brother, Larry who is believed to have been killed in the war. However, their mother, Kate Keller still clings on to the hope that Larry is alive and it is this belief that has helped her to support Joe in concealing his dreadful crime for three and a half years. All My Sons tells the story of Joe who has spent his whole life in the single minded pursuit of riches and comforts. He is the personification of a typical American dream turned horribly awry. Joe needs to understand that the boys in the war and the boys he killed were also his sons.

The Cast And Crew Behind All My Sons

The second coming of Arthur Millers All My Sons will herald the Broadway debut of Katie Holmes who is married to Tom Cruise. The production which is being directed by British director, Simon McBurney also includes in its cast; Tony Award winner, John Lithgow, musical theatre star, Patrick Wilson and two time Academy Award winner Dianne Wiest among others. Sets and costumes are being designed by Tom Pye who already has a Broadway production in the revival of Top Girls. All My Sons had earned Tony Awards for playwright Arthur Miller and director Elia Kazan in 1947. The play was also adapted for the screen in the following year starring Burt Lancaster and Edward G. Robinson. It was widely acclaimed as the first commercial success of playwright Arthur Miller.

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