Advantages and Disadvantages to e-Learning
Advantages and Disadvantages to e-Learning

Advantages and Disadvantages to e-Learning

What are the advantages and disadvantages to e-learning? The most obvious advantage is that most online training can be done at your pace, which is a huge advantage for all busy people. There are so many other advantages that most people have never even thought of. On the other hand, there are a few disadvantages to online learning. Lets take a closer look at why e-learning is the way of academics in
todays busy world and what can make it unsuitable for you.

If you are up to date on the global crisis we are under, you know all about global warming, natural resources that are running out quickly and trees being cut down by the thousands and are not getting replaced fast enough. So, what does all this have to do with getting an education online?

Well. all of that leads up to one great advantage of award winning online training and that is, it affects the world in a positive way. If you choose e-learning, your gas consumption is lowered by not having to drive to a classroom. This will lower your vehicles gas and maintenance bill tremendously. Also, by not adding unnecessary fumes and gases into the air, less driving means it will help protect our atmosphere. Think about all the trees that it takes to print reading material and exam papers. Thousands of trees can be saved just by an online training course.

Another advantage of e-learning is the cost is so much less than the cost of a traditional classroom setting. There is hardly no overhead such as books, teachers salaries and other materials. Basically, the videos are created, with a slew of information for you and placed on the internet for you to access. So besides the cost of making the videos and CDs, hosting the material on a server may cost the company. too. There is probably more overhead that what is mentioned, but it would be minimal. Minimal overhead means you will save money with online training because the company will not have costs that they need to pass on to you.

One disadvantage to online learning is that you may not be that computer savvy. Even though the price would be right and you will helping the environment, you may have a difficult time maneuvering around an online course without some computer and internet skills.

One other disadvantage would be the fact that having a real live person that you can ask questions of, like in a real classroom, may not be available. The programs do offer assistance to any student that needs it, but the type of help may not be as helpful to you if you are use to one on one and face to face assistance. This may be a little frustrating.

E-learning has its ups and downs, but in all actuality, it is the best way to get any education, if you live on a tight schedule and an even tighter budget. Do not let the disadvantages discourage you because they can be overcome.