A Top Anti Aging Hand Cream Can Help Tighten & Strengthen Your Loose Thin Skin & Reduce Age Spots
A Top Anti Aging Hand Cream Can Help Tighten & Strengthen Your Loose Thin Skin & Reduce Age Spots

A Top Anti Aging Hand Cream Can Help Tighten & Strengthen Your Loose Thin Skin & Reduce Age Spots

If you are fair skinned or of European decent you need to realize that as you get older your exposed hand and body skin will become thinner, lose its elasticity, wrinkle and damage more easily.

This is particularly so on the back of your hands. So its wise and beneficial to protect them as much as possible from damage by covering them when necessary and by using an anti aging hand cream to help minimize and repair any damage.

If you are fair skinned like me, youre skin will be becoming thinner every year, you may already know and be experiencing what a nuisance it is to constantly have the back of your hands and arms covered in red blotchcs from damaged capillary blood being trapped under the skin.

Even the smallest bump or scratch can turn into a major drama. Last night when walking my dog in the park, he jumped up and hit the back of my hand with one of his claws, the skin ripped and blood poured out and ran down off the end of my fingers.

Who would have thought such a simple innocent thing as taking your dog for a walk would result in yet another one and a half inch red blood spot on the back of my hand, which will last for at least a week or two.

Dont kid yourself into believing your thinning skin problem will improve by itself, the fact is unless you take some positive action the situation can only get worse.

My first suggestion is to have several pairs of heavy duty gardening gloves scattered around your house both inside and outside. Put them on whenever you have any doubt as to whether the activity you are about to undertake may damage your hand and arm skin.

Second eat good healthy foods with nutrients and antioxidants to help reduce the damage to your skin cells caused by oxidation, which is primarily caused from sun UV radiation exposure.

Third take nutritional multi-vitamin and mineral supplements plus essential omega3 fatty acid fish oil that includes ingredients that contribute to your skins health, which are lycopene and astaxanthin.

Probably the smartest thing you can do is applying daily a top anti aging hand cream that includes ingredients that increase your skins health, strength and condition.

It should include anti-oxidants, emollients, vitamins, and nutrients. Some include natural substances that can reduce the amount and intensity of age spots on the back of your hands and arms.

There are brands of anti-aging creams on the market that include ingredients specifically designed to boost your skins collagen and elastin protein levels in your structural dermal tissue layer. Using these substances can increase your skins strength and elasticity.

If your interested to understand and get more information on my preferred hand cream option, which I use daily and think is one of the best anti aging creams available today, please visit my website below.

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