5 Unique Video Marketing Trends That Will Give Your Business The Edge
5 Unique Video Marketing Trends That Will Give Your Business The Edge

5 Unique Video Marketing Trends That Will Give Your Business The Edge

One of the latest internet marketing trends, video marketing is crucial for any internet marketer who wants to compete in todays online business industry and also to take their business from its infant stages to the growing stage. This article highlights 5 unique video marketing trends that can bring your business to the next level.

Video marketing trends started emerging early in the 21st century during the start of the 2.0 era. Previously, videos were just used to promote a certain product using visuals and sound effects. Today, internet marketers have successfully innovated on the use of videos to create massive results for their businesses. Let us have a look at some of these trends.

1) Viral Marketing Videos
A Viral marketing video is essentially a video that has a unique angle which makes people want to tell others about it. Examples of viral videos are like the Numa-numa song or Lady Gagas videos. These videos have amazing marketing potential and can create an exponential growth of followers in a short amount of time. Furthermore, with video sharing sites with millions of viewers like Youtube, videos have a ability to reach a wide target market easily compared to years ago.

2) Educational Marketing Videos
Educational marketing videos have taken the internet marketing world by storm. Programs such as Camstasia allow marketers to turn power point slides into interactive videos with voice overs. For added credibility, internet marketers have set the bar up by recording live seminars of themselves teaching others.

3) Sales Copy Videos
Instead of having a 20 page long sales copy, why not use a 30 minute video? You see more and more internet marketers having a sales copy page with just one video and an "Add To Cart" button. The fact is, no one likes to read. The emergence of this internet marketing trend shows that videos convert better than traditional text copies.

4) On-site Videos
You can now see real live people walking on screens of certain websites. People engage visitors. By having the human element on your site, you can connect with your prospects at a deeper level and relate to them better. One site that offers on site videos is onsitevideos.com

5) Video Streaming Sites
Video streaming sites have become the biggest marketing tool in internet history. You can now upload videos for free without having to worry about storage space of bandwidth. The social element of these sites allows viewers to post comments, video responses and create discussions and share videos. The Web 2.0 era has allowed the spread of information, videos and value to achieve levels of growth faster than before.

In summary, these video marketing trends have enormous potential in growing businesses and it is important for us to stay on top of the trends so that we can capitalize on these new findings in the internet marketing industry.