4 Ways to Create Instant Chemistry With Every Girl You Talk to! Super Effective Tips
4 Ways to Create Instant Chemistry With Every Girl You Talk to! Super Effective Tips

4 Ways to Create Instant Chemistry With Every Girl You Talk to! Super Effective Tips

There are some men who when they meet women are instant magnets. There seems to be some unsaid connection that is immediately established by these men that keeps the women hooked on to them. Some men on the other hand fail quite miserably at this and have to drearily prod on to get a girl.

So, what do these women magnets do right that help them create an instant chemistry? What is it that these men are doing and the others are not? What does one have to do to become a magnet that women get attracted to in an instant? To find the answers read on:

• Be spontaneous: Picture this. You are at a place where you see a woman you would like to get to know. But you wait for someone to introduce you to her and meanwhile someone else swoops in and she is gone. To be successful you have to take charge.

As soon as you find someone that you like make your move as delaying and preparing makes you more nervous and jittery. The sooner you move the more confident youll be.

• Understand non verbal signals: Women let out these non verbal signals through their body language. So, learn the art understanding body language and choose your approach.

Making a statement is much easier if you have studied your subject well. If she looks bored or wants to dance or is searching for a familiar face you can say just the right thing and strike an instant chemistry with her.

• Cerebral conversation: Ok. Men do not get afraid at the sound of this. Cerebral conversation does not mean talking about Kafka. But yes, do not go on about your passion for sports and your drinking capacity. Take time to find out about what she likes and does.

Using wit and humor to spice up a conversation is a very attractive trait. Dont go overboard and you shall be a winner. Women love men who can make them laugh and if you can make her laugh through general conversation which is not restricted to jokes, then for her theres no guy like you!

• Timing: Flirting is a great way to create an instant connection but take care that you dont move too soon or too late. The timing plays a very crucial role in flirting because it can make a potential candidate from a date to being good friends.

Flirting also establishes your intentions clearly so use humor and wit at this too but be clever!

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