4 Easy Ways to Identify Unknown Caller

4 Easy Ways to Identify Unknown Caller

The telephone is often used as the instrument for pranks. Ghost calls are made by pranksters with an aim to intimidating and harassing the receiver. The fact that these callers cannot be tracked makes them audacious enough to repeat such calls. Now that there are easy ways to identify unknown callers such games have reduced to a great extent.

The unidentified calls are not always pranks played by young people. These are also premeditated at times for a graver purpose. Such unidentified calls have repeatedly disrupted flights and train movements. On days of celebration such calls have often dampened peoples enthusiasm. To identify unknown caller is very important because if the caller can be tracked such tasteless fun can be put to an end.

The caller ID has helped to quite an extent. On hand sets with the caller ID facility, the number flashes at once on the screen but this is not much of a help. The clever caller calls up from the local booth or a different number and the caller is difficult to identify. Various methods are now being used to identify the unknown caller.

A new system has been devised to locate the caller. "White Pages" has created a messaging method through which the address and the name of the unknown caller will be sent to the receiver to relieve his distress. The phone number directory of White Pages also has all that you need to know. This information can be obtained free of cost. The search is rather streamlined. After the phone call is made the receiver has to inform the White Pages about it and with the help of the reverse call search they can identify the unknown caller. You will be given the name and the address of the caller instantly.

When these strange calls become more frequent you can take the help of "Who Calls Me". This is a caller database that helps you to leave your comments to be shared with others facing the same problem. These speed up the search because the caller is easy to identify from the different descriptions and locations.

Not just this, there is also a "Telephone trap call system" manufactured by various companies. This unique device helps you to get the unknown calls blocked. To enjoy the facility you do not have to download any software. All mobiles are equipped to provide you with this blocked call signal. When you receive it all you have to do is reject it and send the number to the server of the company. There the number will be unmasked and all the appropriate details will be sent to you. To avail this system you need not change your cell phone number. Moreover your identity is secure and the service is absolutely free.

Thus select any of these systems or go for a more elaborate one if you need deeper details of the prankster.

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