10th wedding anniversary invitations tell your friends and family that you would like them to join you in celebrating the first significant milestone of your marriage. A 10 year wedding anniversary is monumental as it marks the first decade of your life-long commitment to one another. This is an opportunity for people to see the two of you all "grown up".
The 10th wedding anniversary invitations at Discount Wedding Invitations serve as the first indication to your friends and family that you are celebrating in pure style! There is an element of DIY (Do-It-Yourself) appeal since you have full say in the design of the card. You are in contact every step of the way with the design team to ensure that the invitations have the look and feel that is important to you. There are no limitations to the number of adjustments needed along the way. These cards are professionally designed and printed. The 10th wedding anniversary invitations are printed in full color, with many different card styles to choose from, on 7" x 5" single sided heavy weight card stock supplied together with white envelopes. The size makes it easy for guests to throw the card into their bag or purse and they wont have to worry about damaging the invitation because of the heavy weight cardstock.
The team at Discount Wedding Invitations stay in constant communication from the beginning of the project through final delivery of your 10th wedding anniversary invitations. You are only required to pay a deductible of $50, subtracted from the final amount, to initiate the design and printing of your card. A proof copy of your invitation is created and emailed to you within 2-3 business days and full payment is required after you approve the final proof.

You begin by visiting Discount Wedding Invitations, click the link directing you to 10th wedding anniversary invitations and begin designing your card. You create your heading and the text that youd like the invitation to display. Describe your vision of the invitation in detail to ensure that the designers know exactly what you want. You choose the card style, the font typeface and the layout. You can even email a photo that youd like to use on the invitation or an image to use for the background. The team at Discount Wedding Invitations work to make your vision a reality! Once you approve their proof and pay your remaining balance, plus shipping costs, your invitation is shipped to you within 5 business days.

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