Rhythm and writing to create a visual mood for the readers
Rhythm and writing to create a visual mood for the readers

Rhythm and writing to create a visual mood for the readers

Rhythm is considered as one of the powerful most elements in writing. Rhythm can be considered in two main ways - technique of visuals intended to create and technique of matching pace of copy to feelings. Rhythm can also be considered as a way for imparting unpredictability and musicality. If you are able to use the rhythm techniques the right way then, you will definitely be able to generate feeling, sight, also sound images for the readers.

Visual mood:
People have this habit of immediately creating some images in their mind for what they read. Pace of the writing further reinforces mood of the visuals, similar to the movie-like style. Therefore, the writing rhythm plays an important role. Only if your content is powerful, you are going to help readers create images in their mind.

In order to inspire a fast moving and excited feeling in the mind of reader, you can use various techniques. Impart motion through the usage of short and rolling verbs, and action verbs. Add punctuation marks intentionally and suitable descriptive. Make sure you pay attention to the details.

Read this -
Her pulse rate races as she rushes the hospital. Whispering prayers passes through the first five rooms swiftly. Too close to his room. Enters the room. Bated breath. People sobbing. Loses self.

Do you find yourself breathing a bit shallower? The above stated example includes short and incomplete sentences. Such sort of content brings the readers close to the moment, yet leaves them behind readers hanging. They certainly want to read more. Visually it may seem choppy. However, it sure does lot more information than what actually appears in words.

Now read this -
Rushing towards the hospital, her pulse rate races. Whispering prayers, she passes through the first five rooms swiftly. Too close to his room. She enters the room, bated breath, and people sobbing. Loses self.

It is kind of similar to the above example. You must be wondering what the difference except for the punctuation scheme is. The punctuation scheme changes the image passage from the previous one. Montage here is not stop and go. Instead, it follows a flow with a unique quality of motion, odds with an obvious speed.

However, if you keep using this technique all the while, chances are your readers are going to get bored, as it becomes predictable and lose its intrinsic power. So, you can consider setting up different mood from time to time.

Verbal music:
A definition of rhythm states: it is an altering recurrence of the similar elements. Songs have a rhythm and jokes too have rhythm. Jokes! Yes, jokes have a rhythm in their delivery and timing. A good copywriting will have rhythm that is revealed in variation of length of the sentence and it is kind of rhythm giving the readers a sense of compelling.

By writing sentences that are of same length will only develop predictability in them. Where there is predictability, the readers find it monotonous and tend to get bored. In order to avoid this, you might consider mixing up the sentences. A long sentence, medium sentence, short sentence and again a long sentence, such a rhythm is sure to prove effective. The last long sentence is something unexpected. Yet another long sentence can reinforce created impact. Then add a short one. Let your readers experience variety in rhythm. While incorporating series of things in a single sentence, three seems to have worked wonders. It sounds nice. "I climb on the bus, take a ticket and wait for the destination to arrive."

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