Why Greek Paddles Make Meaningful Sorority Gifts
Why Greek Paddles Make Meaningful Sorority Gifts

Why Greek Paddles Make Meaningful Sorority Gifts

Young sorority women have played an important role in the history of higher education. Chi Omega and Alpha Kappa Alpha, for instance, are two sorority organizations that bring prestige and honor to universities all across the country. Although both of these organizations started out small, they have grown exceptionally over the years, with chapters in every state.

If you are a sorority sister yourself who wants to honor another sister, then you can do so by presenting her with a wonderful gift. Its a tradition for sorority sisters to exchange special gifts with one another. There are many amazing Chi Omega and Alpha Kappa Alpha gifts to choose from that you may not know where to begin! If you search the internet for sorority gifts, youll come across mugs, plaques, figurines, quilts, tote bags, key chains, and more.

While all of those gifts can be useful, theyre unfortunately not very unique. These are the types of gifts that most people would expect for ANY occasion, and arent exclusive to just sororities. So then, what IS a unique Alpha Kappa or Chi Omega gift? Believe it or not, paddles make excellent sorority and fraternity gifts! Youve probably heard of Greek paddles before, but have you ever thought about giving them out as gifts?

Traditionally, young women have recognized their fellow sorority sisters by presenting them with custom gifts. These paddles, for instance, can be personalized with an organizations crest. You can also have a special message chiseled in! Legacy and Greek paddles can be presented as gifts to new members of the sorority.

The paddles come in different shapes and sizes, and you can decide how you want it to be customized. You can add a personalized message, the year, your chapter information, and so forth. Needless to say, Greek paddles look lovely hanging on the wall in sorority houses. If you want to order more than one, you may be able to find some deals on multiple orders. Some online stores have better bargains all around than others, so make sure you search around a bit before making your decision.

You can also paint and decorate the paddles yourself if you wish! Order one for all your sisters, gather them up, and spend a fun day decorating Greek paddles together! If you wish to paint them, then make sure you DONT order any that are finished! Your sorority may find the paddles to be more meaningful if everyone works together on them, so make sure you order ones that can be painted and decorated.