Syndicate Your Blog the Low Tech Way. Submit Your Blog Entries as Articles.

Syndicate Your Blog the Low Tech Way. Submit Your Blog Entries as Articles.

This might seem a little strange, but Ive started submitting my blog entries to article submission sites to gain more readers, and build links for SEO. Before blogs hit the mainstream website owners would (and still do) post articles on the large array of what I like to call "article dump" sites. An article dump website is one that accepts large quantities of articles without any real editorial review, only a "yes or no" check for the purposes of keeping the directory free of spam.

Besides article dump sites, there are lots of higher quality publishing sources, but unless youre a professional writer, youll probably be posting your stuff on mostly article dump sites and maybe a few niche topic sites. For example if you wrote about shoeing horses, you could probably find a few specific groups etc to announce your stuff. So if you have a blog and you update it very regularly how do you find time to write articles and post them everywhere?

There is definitely more then once answer to that question, but Ill tell you how I did it. I post all my freshest and least edited information in my blog. I know, my blog has a few errors, but hey its a blog thats updated daily (sometimes I post like 5 entries once a week, but you get the idea, a new entire for the equivalent of a new day). I use to take my best posts and rewrite them for submission to one of my favorite article sites: Associated content would review and then send me payment (nice little bonus). I still do that to a select few of my posts, but the majority of what I write is in my blog. I know submit each blog entry (slightly edited) as an article to the submission service.

What this does is blast my entire automatically out to all the article dump sites. I pick the categories and keywords that describe the post and they continually submit it all over the place, even to Yahoo Groups, newletters, and ezines. If you go online and read the forums about this service, its picked up a bad press. There are some posts talking about how if you want everything done perfectly you have to do it manually. Well, I write a post everyday, and thats on top of my web design, filmmaking, and other endeavors. If you dont have time for manual tedium, its the way to go. Plus Im just sending out my blog entires. In the next few weeks Ill write a detailed analysis of the success Ive had with both article marketer and promoting my blog entries as articles.

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