Self improvement advice – how to become a better version of yourself

Self improvement advice – how to become a better version of yourself

Self improvement advice - how to become a better version of yourself

There is one major goal that we all have for ourselves in this life. That is to become the best version of ourselves. This is the number one desire that we have as humans and it is the only thing that our God wants for us. Here is my self improvement advice broken down into a step by step plan to achieve the best version of yourself.

Step #1 - Step into the Classroom of Silence once a day

Silence gives up peace of mind and gives us a chance to collect our thoughts. Silence is where we find answers to our deepest questions and it is where we can discover our deepest desires. I challenge you to step into the classroom of silence once a day for 10 minutes. You dont need to try to step into the classroom of silence for an hour, just 10 minutes a day and you will discover a new found peace.

When I say step into the classroom of silence this could mean that you sit quietly with your eyes shut in your favorite chair or maybe you prefer to go to a quiet church for 10 minutes. Either way, find 10 minutes a day to be silent and learn to find peace in each day.

Step #2 - Set goals and achieve them

Setting goals is a tricky task. You have to learn to set achievable goals. Every time you achieve a goal you will build a little bit more confidence. You have to set goals on a yearly basis, and then break them down into monthly, weekly, and daily goals so that each one leads you to your ultimate goal.

Step #3 - Harness the power of the morning

Have you ever noticed that if you wake up and there is a specific song playing, it gets stuck in your head? All day you sing it and think about it and hum it and it is there driving you crazy. This is the power of the morning. The first thought you have in the morning becomes your most dominate thought all day long.

Take your ultimate goal and write in on a piece of paper and stick it next to your bed, on the mirror in your bathroom, and in your car. When you wake up read your goal, and then read it again when you go to the bathroom, and once more when you get into your car. Put your goal on your desk at work and read it again, and then read it again when you get back into your car. Remind yourself all day of your goal and soon you will be living your goal everyday.

Use these steps to become the better version of yourself in your work, your play, your spiritual life, and every other aspect of your life. Learn to make your last most dominate thought your deepest desire and you will start achieving your dreams little by little, step by step.

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Become a better version of yourself