New plastic flexible packaging materials,

New plastic flexible packaging materials,

In recent years, high-performance new materials, modified materials and function with a degradable plastic materials continue to emerge, and in the field of packaging to obtain a wide range of applications, some materials, China has also been able to produce.


Currently, some European and American countries invest heavily in the development of non-polar, polar ethylene copolymers, graft copolymers. These products can greatly improve the tensile and co-extruded plastic performance and greater transparency, seal strength, anti-stress, anti-cracking, as well as to enhance stability and performance, to improve the molecular weight distribution and rheological properties of extruded.

Such as C4-LLDPE (linear low density polyethylene), in high-speed injection molding process without compromising the screw; C6-LLDPE plastic film toughness and hard excellence; HAO C6-LLDPE stretch film co-extruded high quality; C8-LLDPE Film toughness particularly good; VLDPE (Very Low Density Polyethylene, ultra-low density polyethylene) film, good flatness, its resin melting temperature is low, performance is better, cast good performance; C4-VLDPE/VLDPE (ultra low density polyethylene) suitable for all kinds of plastic film packaging. Mixed in plastic coextrusion process LLDPE, can enhance the extensibility and penetration resistance, LLDPE / LDPE can greatly improve the viscosity and toughness, add HAO C6-LLDPE and HAO C8-LLDPE can promote stability and rheology, thermal melting is not broken, plastic film products are not tear and so on.

In the modern injection molding processes, many countries use VLDPE replace LLDPE, PP, EVA, PVC. In the extrusion, injection molding, blow molding process, VLDPE the occupation of medicine, medical care, cosmetics and other flexible packaging markets and further impact on the field of food packaging.

Metallocene Plastic

Metallocene transition metal is connected with the cyclopentadiene formed by the organic metal complex compounds. Is a metallocene ligand metallocene polyolefin compounds (METAL-LOCENE) as a catalyst for olefin polymerization obtained by the polymer.

Metallocene polymers have many advantages such as good workability, high strength, rigidity and transparency, and good, and thus have attracted peoples great concern. These products for food packaging, medical packaging, shrink packaging films and sanitation supplies.

Degradation of Polyester

With the implementation of IS014000 international environmental standards, the new attention to oft-degradable plastics. Including Germanys BASF launched a brand ECOHEXD aliphatic diol and aromatic dicarboxylic acid degradation of polyester resin polymerization can be used for film production.

Water-soluble plastic film

Water-soluble plastic packaging film as a novel green packaging materials, in Europe, America, Japan and other countries has been widely used in packaging of various products, such as pesticides, fertilizers, pigments, dyes, detergents, water treatment agent, mineral additives, cleaning agent, concrete additives, photographic chemicals and chemical reagents and other horticultural care. Its main features are: degradation of the complete degradation of the final product is CO2 and H2O, can solve the disposal of packaging waste; the use of safe and convenient, and its mechanical properties, and can be heat-sealing, but also a high seal strength . At present, Japan, the United States, France and other production and marketing of such products, such as the United States, WTP companies, CCIP, Frances GREENSOL company and Japans synthetic chemical companies.

The main water-soluble packaging film performance indicators include:

Moisture: The water-soluble film rolls with PE plastic packaging in order to maintain their specific water content unchanged. When the water-soluble film packaging removed from the PE, its own water content with the ambient humidity changes, its performance also will be changed.

Anti-static nature: water-soluble film is a kind of anti-static film, different from other plastic film, has good anti-static nature. The use of water-soluble film packaging process, will not be affected by static electricity plasticity and electrostatic dust attached to the performance.

Water and gas transmission: water-soluble film on the water and ammonia has a strong through sexual, but oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and carbon dioxide gas has a good barrier properties. These characteristics make them well-packaged products to maintain the composition and the original odor.

Water-soluble film in China has entered a stage of actual production, such as Zhuzhou Institute of Technology and Guangdong Zhaoqing Fangxing packaging materials co-developed water-soluble film and production equipment has been put into production, its products are to market.

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