Medion NetPad mobile computer

Medion NetPad mobile computer

Medion NetPad mobile computer

In the series of the concept laptop, Medion is going to launch a new concept laptop that is NetPad mobile computer for future generation. This main display of that laptop is comprises two info bar touch strips that provide great convenience of spotting new email arrivals, bringing up photos and changing songs to the user.

Medion AG that is a very popular German consumer electronics company. It operates ithe many areas of whole world link Europe, the United States, and the Asia-Pacific region. The main products of the Medion AG company are computers, TVs, toasters, fitness equipment fitness equipment refrigerators. The Medion AG company is becoming popular in Europian market.

Features of Medion NetPad mobile computer -

The Medion NetPad mobile laptop has a retractable razor-thin keyboard that allows the user to keep it away when not in use, and to this will make watching movies more exciting. Medion NetPad will come with the windows 7 operating system and software.

Medion NetPad mobile laptop has a HD screen that has a very good resolution and clear picture. This Laptop has a media streamer that offers hi-fi sound when that provide you good
sound quality.

Medion NetPad mobile laptop has carbon fiber lid body that protect it from harms and it is easy to transport.This laptop is also embedded with a GPS device.

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