Is She Flirting?  How to Tell When a Woman is Flirting
Is She Flirting? How to Tell When a Woman is Flirting

Is She Flirting? How to Tell When a Woman is Flirting

Nearly every man has had one simple conversation with their best friend or wingman while they are out at a bar or a club: "Dude, do you think she is flirting with me?". "I dont know man, I think she might be". This conversation is borderline embarrassing for anyone who is trying to pick up on the signals of another. Knowing the answer to "Is she flirting?" can help you to understand who is into you, and who isnt. By following some of these simple tips as a guide, you can help yourself answer that ever important question of "Is she flirting?".

#1- Is She Smiling At You?

Smiling is important, but knowing the type of smile can be even more important when trying to answer the question "is she flirting?". Someone can smile when they are uncomfortable. Someone can smile when they are confused. By knowing the type of smile, you can know if she is flirting. Notice is she is smiling at you. If she is looking right in your eyes and smiling or grinning, you know that you have caught her attention, and in a good way.

#2- Fidgeting is a Good Thing

Some people will think that fidgeting is a sure fire sign that someone is disinterested in them. If a girl is playing with her hair or tapping her foot, you can know the answer to the question of "is she flirting?"

Women, just like men, do things unconsciously. If a woman is twirling her hair around her finger, or is playing with a small strand, you can know that she may be a little nervous, but is flirting none the less.

#3- Did She Come to You First?

This may seem like an obvious way to answer the question of "Is she flirting", but is unfortunately missed by many confused men. If a woman comes up to you to talk to you first, this should be seen as an obvious sign that she is flirting. Women do not step to a guy who they do not want to flirt with. If she walks up to you and strikes up a conversation, you can know that she is flirting with you.

#4- The Final (and Easiest) Sign

There is one sign, above all else, that is an obvious answer to the question of "is she flirting?". If a woman is talking to you, and touches you, you know that you are being flirted with, without question. If you are sitting, and she touches your knee, she is flirting. If you make a joke and she slaps your arm, she is flirting. Woman will not just touch or hit anyone; they only do that to the men that they are interested in and want to flirt with.

There are multiple ways to figure out if a girl is flirting with you or not. By looking at these simple signs, you will be able to tell if that girl you are trying to flirt with is flirting back with you or not.

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