How to Choose a Pen

How to Choose a Pen

When choosing a pen there are several things that I consider, so here is my definitive list of how to choose a pen that is right for you.
1) What am I using it for?
If you using a pen on a building site, for example, you want to make sure that you pen is going to withstand being dropped on a floor, kicked around and writing on uneven surfaces.

I need a pen for everyday, that isnt going to leak everywhere and as I will inevitably drop it at some point, so it needs to be durable. I spend quite a bit of my days writing notes and going to meetings, so it needs to flow and allow me to write quickly. In this case, the best kind of pen for me would be a metal, roller ball.

2) What does it look like?
Black, silver, pink, patterned, metal, plastic, fun, stylish, and corporate; there is something for everyone.

My pen should look good and by good I mean that I want something that says something about me. Professional, expensive - even if it is a lie. I prefer brushed metal or black matt and something with a good shape. I love the Parker Urban pens. They have a great ergonomics with an unconventional bullet shape and perfect weight and balance. They come in a range of colours, but I love the Parker Urban Fashion Blue as it is stylish and simple with the striking blue adding something a little different.

3) Is the pen comfortable to write with?
The last thing that you want is writers cramp when you are going to be to writing for a few hours and equally you want to make sure that you can grip the pen, so make sure that it isnt too heavy or an awkward shape.

4) Does brand matter?
Personally I think that the brand of the pen matters. I know that if I buy a quality pen then it is going to last and is going to work in the way that I want it to. A Parker pen, for example, has it all. Comfort, style and durability and more than anything, credibility.
Consider these factors and you are sure to find the right pen for you.