How Much Will It Cost To Finish My Basement in Utah? - 14 dollars a sq.ft!

How Much Will It Cost To Finish My Basement in Utah? - 14 dollars a sq.ft!

Most building contractors in Utah are quoting $20-$100 per square foot as the "range" for finishing a basement in Utah!

With the real average price being closer to $25-$45 a square foot, for the average home.

Why is it that price and is everyone charging that?


There is a "Utah Basement Finishing Company" ( out there that specializes in finishing basements, thats all they do! In fact whats really cool is that they have developed a system that guarantees a finished basement (with top quality, expert craftmanship of course) for an unheard amount of only $14 a square foot! And, they are not "skimping" on materials or worksmanship!

The secret is in their "system". They have developed a process of design, construction and finishing that allows them to offer an unbeatable price and still provide a professional job done!

Yes there are variables in every situation and there are unforseen things lurking behind walls, etc. They have figured all of that out!

Dont let the "finished for 14" concept worry you or let you believe that you will be getting anything short of the best quality, attention to detail and a job finished on time.

The best way to judge any company or job is to ask for referrals to jobs they may have done for others and see what they think. Look at their work, talk to their existing customers.

Some may scoff at the idea that anyone could finish a basement in Utah for only $14 a square foot, but remember the secret is in the system. Every other contractor and builder in Utah could charge the same..........but they either havent figured out a system or they may be overlooking (and over charging) something.

The following are some of the things you should insist on (up front in writing) when getting your basement finished in utah, regardless of the price!

1. Framing: Make sure they furnish framing materials (#2 or better) and labor necessary to complete the construction of all parts relating to your project.

2. HVAC: Make sure they Install heat runs and cold air returns according to industry standards and practices

3. Electrical: Install wiring, outlets, lighting, smoke alarm, switches, covers, and plates according to your plans.

4. Insulation: Standard R-13 insulation to be installed in exterior walls per industry standards and practices.

5. Sheetrock: Insist on 1/2 sheetrock on walls and ceilings per plans. Be sure they will tape, double, flush and finish smooth per industry standards and practices.

6. Finish Carpentry: Look for them to provide and install doors, casing, and baseboard. Also includes standard space saver closets and linen closets where applicable.

7. Paint: Provide material and labor for single-tone paint. Color to be selected by homeowner-(one coat primer-one coat finish)

8. Misc Hardware: Provide and install door knobs, door stops, closet rods, electrical trim.

9. Clean-up: Be sure to ask about and have the contractor be responsible for all construction related clean up, and debris disposal. Have them isolate work areas to minimize impact to non-work related spaces.

Make sure that all of their work meets or exceeds the NHBA standards and practices.

Good Luck on your basement project and dont hesitate in contacting me with any questions.

Did you find these tips helpful? You can learn more by visiting or contacting Todd Cella at

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