Gift Ideas for Your Maid of Honor

Gift Ideas for Your Maid of Honor

Choosing those whove been close in your life to also be close in your wedding is a completely natural decision. The best man, bridesmaids and maid of honor will all play important roles in your wedding, and youd feel something was missing if the people you care for werent participating in your special day. Youre close to these people and youd like to give them gifts to express your feelings and show your appreciation for being part of your wedding party.

Many gifts can be personalized and given on different occasions. Some might be ideal to give to your maid of honor. For a woman who loves wine, a personalized champagne flute or wine glass would be a wonderful choice. A monogrammed glass flower vase would be a great maid of honor gift for a woman who loves flowers, and lets face it, what woman doesnt? A gift like that can be used for years into the future as a centerpiece on her dining room table or to bring color into another room in your maid of honors house. Stylish and chic glass coasters might be another gift she could use in her home and theyd be perfect for her to use when shes throwing parties.

Jewelry is another wonderful option for a maid of honor gift. Its hard to go too wrong when the gift is a beautiful piece of jewelry for your maid of honor to wear. Some examples of jewelry that would be appropriate as maid of honor gifts include a sterling silver Victorian-style locket, a silver and rhinestone bracelet that has its own velvet-lined box, or a beaded sterling silver jewelry box. Almost any type of jewelry would please your maid of honor.

Instead of a personalized wine glass, vase, coasters or jewelry, you could treat your maid of honor to a day relaxing at the spa. Shed be able to luxuriate in the spas calming, scented waters and relieve all her stress. Simply get her a gift certificate for a spa in her vicinity. If you want, you could assemble a handpicked gift basket full of bath salts, soaps, candles and lotions to add your own personal touch.

If your maid of honor enjoys writing, does she own a journal or handwrite letters and notes? You could customize some stationery by adding her name or initials. If youd like to get her a journal, you can buy one at a shop and then personalize it with items you can pick up in the scrapbooking aisle of your local crafts shop or art supply store.

Any maid of honor would be thrilled to receive a wardrobe accessory such as a bag or purse. A gift like that could be used with her maid of honor gown and then be used in the future for other occasions. A bag in a neutral color will go with more outfits.

While youre shopping, remember the feelings you want to express when you give your maid of honor her gift. It should not only be a thank you, but also a gift that comes from your heart. Dont just go into a shop and buy the first pretty thing that catches your eye. Your maid of honor gift should be meaningful and help both of you remember the wedding ceremony long into the future.

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