Fastrack Army Collection 3006QL03 watch

Fastrack Army Collection 3006QL03 watch

The dashing design of the items in the collection promise a genuine Army feel. With gunmetal finish and a rugged look, the Fastrack Army collection is true in its inspiration.

The army collection has 20 different watch designs in astonishingly different shapes that remind of army equipment and ammunition like grenade, tanks, sniper, the dog tag or Army ID tag in the military shades of green and brown.

The watches, or the wrist gear as Fastrack calls it, has a striking association to the Army. One of the watches of the collection is inspired by the grenade. Known as the grenade watch, this wrist gear has a canvas strap that makes it look rugged. The dial is encased in a grenade shell case and also sports a mock pin to add to the thrill. Similarly there is the Dog Tag watch that resembles the dog tags or ID tags of the armed forces. Very similar to the original dog tags, the watch has two metal plates that are held in a metal chain with one metal plate holding the watch and the other is meant to be the replica of the ID.

The watch that actually caught our attention was the 3006QL03 watch in the Army series. The watch has a rough rugged looking brown broad strap that makes the watch seem like straight out of the soldiers closet. Though the material of the strap is denim, but looks like old worn, out leather. Very cool. The broad strap has a round dial with gun metal finishing that looks like an old time piece. Color of the dial is light brown which compliments that overall hue. The dial is further held with a narrower strap over the broad strap. Though the watch is seemingly designed for men, but according to us the Fastrack Army Collection 3006QL03 will look absolutely cool on women also. The watch is priced at INR 2,795.

The only drawback with the Fastrack Army collection is the pricing. The prices start from INR 1300+, an amount that most youngsters cannot comfortably afford. An otherwise astounding collection, the Fastrack Army Series just seems to out price itself. With brands looking at competitive pricing, this is one thing the company should reconsider.

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