Chinese Wedding Day

Chinese Wedding Day

Chinese Wedding in Malaysia is actually originated from China also. Because of the years passing by, the local Chinese people have also made some changes with it and has come to now the modern Chinese Wedding.

Today, I would like to talk about the Chinese Wedding Days events that mostly are common practices in Malaysia.

The "Wedding Day"- no doubt in Chinese Wedding has already been selected long before the "Big Day", is another word means the wedding day. Upon selected the date, the time for fetching the bride also is a must to be selected at the same time. For example, the auspicious time to fetch the bride fell in between 10am~12pm. That means within this two hours, the groom must get the bride out of her house. The Groom needs to get ready at his house, after finishing dressing up and finished the praying for his ancestors before leaving to the brides house. Of course the "Best Buddies" or best friends will have to escort the groom to go over. Just before 10am , the grooms car that have already decorated will arrive the brides home. The honking will start about a few minutes before reaching, to sound to the brides home that the groom is arriving.
Upon reaching the house, the brides youngest brother will have to open the cars door for the groom to get out and then a red packet contains some money will be given to the boy. When going in the house and before the groom can fetch the bride, there will be a some questions and games usually presented by the brides maids. These usually have some difficulties for the groom to solve. That is why the grooms best buddies have to come in and help to straight out whatever difficulties for the groom to fetch the bride. They all are going to have some fun in there. Lastly, before entering the brides room, a big red packet will have to be given to all the brides maids and usually it contains quite amount of sum. Once the groom got in the room, he will have to bring the bride out and continue to do the ancestors praying and then to serve tea to the brides parents and elderly in a tea ceremony.
Lastly, before 12pm, the couple must leave the house and heading back to their new home.

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