Can Eggplant Cure Skin Cancer?

Can Eggplant Cure Skin Cancer?

70,000 Australians cant be wrong! Yet that is the number of patients over many years of studies Dr. Bill E. Cham. Ph.D. claims have been cured of skin cancer using the breakthrough treatment documented in his book, The Eggplant Cancer Cure ( In the area of medicine, near-perfection is a goal most researchers seek. Near-perfect is how Jonathan V. Wright, M.D. (medical director of the Tahoma Clinic in the Seattle, WA area), describes Dr. Chams breakthrough discovery. What is near-perfection? Its a treatment that: works nearly every time; is incredibly simple to use; has no adverse side effects; and is inexpensive compared to other treatments. Dr. Wright even goes on to suggest that Dr. Cham has discovered, and then thoroughly researched and developed the near-perfect treatment for two common skin cancers. If anyone deserves a Nobel Prize in Medicine, its Dr. Bill. E. Cham.

September is National Skin Cancer Awareness Month, observed because statistics tell us 1 in 5 Americans will develop some form of skin cancer during their life time. Among men over 50 skin cancer now ranks number 1 ahead of prostate, lung and colon cancer. During the last 30 years the percentage of women under 40 with basal cell carcinoma cancer has tripled (the two most common types of skin cancer are basal cell carcinomas and squamous cell carcinomas.) In 2008 it is predicted more than 1 million basal cell carcinomas and 250,000 squamous cell carcinomas will be diagnosed. It sounds as though a lot of Americans need to join the ranks of the Australian cured!

While these skin cancer forms have a 95-percent cure rate if detected and treated early, treatment is typically disfiguring. We needed to come up with a treatment that worked as well as surgery, but wouldnt mutilate the patient, says Dr. Cham.

Curaderm BEC5 Cream is the revolutionary skin cancer treatment which is becoming the topic of discussion in health food stores, doctors offices and at the dinner table. BEC5 comes from a plant substance called solsaodine glycosides found in Nightshade plants such as eggplant. More than 25 years of research Dr. Cham claims a more than 95-percent success rate in treating and often removing these forms of non-melanoma skin carcinoma without damage to the surrounding tissue. The cream has not proven to be effective in treating melanoma.

Most often scientific breakthroughs are well funded research projects where dozens of scientists are paid to test their theories continuously. Eventually human trials begin, once again paid for by either a federal grant or a major drug or medical conglomerate which will recoup their costs by raising the price tag of the treatment. This has not been the case for Dr. Cham. Dr. David G. Williams, a practicing M.D. and editor of Alternatives says People like Dr. Cham are an endangered species in this day and age. On his own time, using his own money, he has developed a product that could benefit millions of people around the world. Dr. Chams book, The Eggplant Cancer Cure outlines extensively and conclusively this research and treatment results.
A member of many scientific societies, around the world Dr. Bill Cham is frequently invited to speak at conferences on his research topics. His research interests cover a wide range of disciplines resulting in publications of over a hundred articles on topics ranging from pharmacology, iron metabolism, mineral research, lipidology and oncology. His research in lipidology starting from test tube observations, have led to clinical trials in the USA for the treatment of atherosclerosis and HIV AIDS. His work in oncology has produced Curaderm BEC5 for the treatment of skin cancers. Human clinical trials in Australia are currently underway to establish whether BEC can also treat terminal internal cancers effectively. Dr Chams research is acknowledged worldwide and many scientists are focused on extending his original discovery and research observations. More information can be found at