Continuing education is a fact of life for CPAs, but why doesnt this normally extend out to client acquisition for most accountants. Frank Tirelli, who once held the position of Vice Chairman at Deloitte & Touche, has launched a web site devoted to nothing but expanding ones accounting practice. The site itself is aptly named CPA Client Builders
( ), and contains a full array of services and training designed to dramatically increase ones customer base.

Traditionally, aggressive client acquisition has been taboo in most professional service areas such as the law and accounting. With the accounting ranks swelling, many professionals are now exploring ways to creatively increase their business. Tirelli was well known at Deloitte as someone who was constantly thinking out of the box. His abilities as an innovator were prized by not only the partners of the firm, but its elite client base. Herbalife, one of Deloittes larger clients ultimately recruited Tirelli to run the firm after the untimely death of Mark Hughes, CEO and founder of the diet industry giant.

When questioned about his philosophy of business growth, Tirelli was rather matter of fact in his response. "There are too many promotional avenues out there available to accountants, and if you arent using them your competition will be", says Tirelli. "You have to explore new promotional techniques and find a comfort level."

The site itself has, among other things, a publication section. The reports and CDs, which are offered, focus on market research, internet marketing and client referral systems. One can also hire CPA Client Builders for search engine marketing services management that generates client leads.

Tirelli decided to partner with a company well known for its success in the business growth field. In Touch Media Group (, is an online marketing firm which specializes in generating website visitors, leads and customers for its business clients. The company, considered by many as one of the premier search engine marketing firms in the US, conducted a nationwide research project to establish why companies hired on accountant over another. "The information we discovered is both startling and exciting", said Bob Cefail, Chairman of ITMG. "I can tell you this, any accountant who has access to this data will have decided advantage over their contemporaries".

In the past, CPAs had to rely on customer referral as a primary tool of client growth. With the advent of search engine marketing and other high octane online marketing techniques, a CPA can rapidly expand their client base. This is what gets both Cefail and Tirelli excited about their program. "If you want to grow, and do it fast, nothing is stopping you now", concludes Cefail.

Bruce Prokopets
Executive Editor
Press Direct International

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