5 Tips for Dealing with Sore Muscles

5 Tips for Dealing with Sore Muscles

Like everyone else who is hitting the workouts harder and starting to run a bit more to get in shape for summer, your probably feeling the pain. Sore muscle are usually a good sign if youve been working out for awhile. The soreness is caused by tiny tears in the muscles, which the body repairs and makes stronger.

This post workout pain is felt as a general dull pain. However if you havent been working out, you have probably strained your muscles to the point of a specific ache and have some tenderness. As we get older, we feel these pains a bit more. Here are some ideas to help prevent and heal sore muscles.

Stretching - Make sure you stretch each muscle group for at least 60 seconds before and after your workout. Stretching is one of the most underrated parts of sports and workouts. Its a must if you want to stay active.

Anti-Inflammatory - Take an anti-inflammatory such as Inflamo after your workout to help with the pain and inflammation.

Hydrate - Make sure to drink plenty of water prior to you workout. Your body needs the water to help deliver oxygen to you muscles and helps with clear toxic build up - so you dont cramp. You may also try a sports drink to replenish the bodys electrolytes.

Light Cardio - After each workout do some light cardio to get the blood and lymphatic systems moving. This is essential for flushing out muscle toxins, such as lactic acid build up .

Cold Shower or Bath - This is a bit more extreme, but it has been known to help with muscle soreness. If you can handle it, jump in a cold shower or ice water bath to bring down the inflammation. It will also get your heart jumping out of your chest. Ahh...refreshing.

One more thing - make sure you start out slow and ease your way into any new routine. We all want to jump right in, but try your best to take it easy at first and avoid injury and sore muscles altogether.

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