Royal Greens Ultra – The All-in-One Superfood

Royal Greens Ultra – The All-in-One Superfood

Going green is all the rage lately, and while we our mothers always told us to eat our vegetables, just recently has it come to light exactly how important it is to get a nutrition-packed dose of vegetables every single day, Experts say at least one cup of green goodies daily is considered healthy nutrition. But just exactly what do we mean by healthy nutrition?

Healthy nutrition is furnishing the body with everything it needs to function optimally.

Complete nutrition is essential for:

  • Building and repairing cells and body tissues
  • Maintaining various organs, muscles and bones
  • Providing energy
  • Maintaining the immune system
  • Avoiding life-threatening diseases that can result from lack of proper nutrition
The Best of Nutrition from Around the World!
It can be quite a task trying to obtain all of the necessary nutrients simply by eating local produce.

Apples grow in abundance in Washington, citrus fruits in California and Florida, Wild Red Salmon can be found in the Alaskan waters, and dont forget about the famous Idaho potato. We get our nutritional essentials from all over the country. But there are a number of green superfoods that are not found in the United States.

Foods like spirulina and chlorella grow in Japan. Green Tea grows in parts of Asia. There are a variety of highly nutritious foods that are not native to the United States, but that shouldnt prevent us from reaping their benefits. Here are some examples of green superfoods that grow natively in other parts of the world, which, when included in our diets, can help to promote health and vitality. Could you benefit from these?
  • Chlorella1 is protein-rich blue-green algae. It contains 60 percent protein and is a rich source of beta-carotene necessary for vitamin A synthesis. Chlorella is cultivated in Japan.
  • Spirulina, also from Japan, contains 65-71 percent protein. This protein is more easily digestible than other protein sources, including meat and soy protein.
  • Nova Scotia Dulse, a sea vegetable, mostly cultivated in Nova Scotia has a high protein and fiber content and contains trace elements, minerals and vitamins.
  • Green Tea Extract originally comes from China.. It has many health-promoting properties and has been used in weight management programs, and as an anti-aging agent in skin products.
  • Bee pollen2, found abundantly in Argentina, China, Mexico, and Brazil, is rich in B complex vitamins, and vitamins A, C, D, E. It has 22 amino acids, 27 minerals and all the essential enzymes necessary for proper digestion.
  • Kola Nut grows in the tropical rainforests of Africa. It is believed to help increase attentiveness and stamina.

Any busy person will tell you that in todays constantly-on-the-go environment finding the time to cook a healthy and well-balanced meal is next to impossible. Weve grown so accustomed to eating processed foods, takeout, , fast food and sugary desserts that often our bodies crave this instead of wholesome nutrition. Stress and tension sometimes cause us to reach for comfort in junk food.3-4 Ironically, this exact stress, which makes us crave junk, taxes our immune systems even further, increases the demand for the essential nutrients found in healthy green superfoods..

In the long run these alterations in our dietary patterns lead to an ever-widening nutrition gap. The body is deprived of vital nutrients. Over time, this nutritional gap may lead to an increased risk of various health disorders.

The Best of Nutrition Packed in a Bottle
Just because you might not have the time to hop a plane to Japan and pick up the latest in complete nutrition doesnt mean you have to suffer from a nutrient deficit. All the green superfoods abundant in other parts of the world are available to you in a nutrition-packed supplement like Royal Greens Ultra.

Just one scoop of Royal Greens Ultra provides accessible ingredients for optimizing your health including a blend of fruits and vegetables, phyotnutrients and probiotics, fiber, special enzymes, 30 nutrient-rich herbs, 22 amino acids and antioxidants.

Royal Greens Ultra is truly the all-in-one superfood!

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