Ps3 Died – How Can I Bring My Playstation 3 Back Alive?

Ps3 Died – How Can I Bring My Playstation 3 Back Alive?

Did your Ps3 just died? Its a shame isnt? Youve paid heavy for the Playstation 3, and now you cant play anymore because its dead. But the question that youve got now... Can I repair it?

To repair a Ps3 that died, you can do pretty much 2 things.
1. Send your Playstation 3 over to Sony.
2. Bring your console back alive, by yourself.

Send My Ps3 that died to Sony?

This option sounds pretty good... Right? However, did you see the waiting times and the price? No? What did you say? Youll have to pay $140 for the repairs, and then youve got the handling + shipping costs also, that a total of $150 what youll have to pay.

Another thing that youll have to keep in mind is the waiting time. You will have to wait for literally weeks before you can get back to playing. Mostly its between 2-6 weeks, but with Sony, you never know!

Repair My Ps3 That Died By Myself?

Actually, this is the most cheapest and fastest option that youve got. And if you want the repair to be easy, you should get yourself a Playstation 3 repair guide. Its highly recommended to get yourself a repair guide because it will give you step by step detailed instructions thats also coming along with photos. How great is that?

Another thing thats great about bringing your console alive by yourself, is that you dont have to wait for weeks and you dont have to pay $150 either. Many people who have done a fix by themselves, have repaired their Ps3 that died within 1 day, and some even within 1 hour. You can get results like this too, check out the: Playstation 3 Repair Guide

So if you want to Ps3 back alive that just died, do it yourself. Its cheap, fast and it will be an easy repair if you get yourself a Playstation 3 repair guide. Theres no need to pay $150 and theres no need to wait for weeks either. As long as you do it yourself, its high likely that youll be playing your favourite game again.....Today! Want this? Visit: Fix Ps3 That Died