“Drive is not accessible” Error in Windows

“Drive is not accessible” Error in Windows

NT based versions of Microsoft Windows includes a utility to detect file system integrity, logical file system errors and fix them. This utility is known as CHKDSK. CHKDSK runs automatically after an improper system shutdown due to hardware failure, system crash or power outages. Though, CHKDSK is a useful tool, but it can not resolve all the file system errors and it does not work in case of file system corruption. In such situations, you hard drive partitions may become inaccessible and you may face serious data loss due to missing or corrupt partitions. In such situations, Partition Recovery Software can provide complete solution.

When you boot your system after unexpected system shutdown, if any of your Windows hard drive partitions is experiencing corruption or other such problems, CHKDSK can detect these issues and display corresponding error messages. While booting Windows Vista or Windows XP, you might come across an error message as:

"One of your partitions is corrupted; press a key within n seconds to skip CHKDSK"

At this point, if you choose to continue with the bootup, the system boots properly but does not show any of the hard drive partitions. When you attempt to access the partitions using Windows Explorer, you receive the below given error message:

" is not accessible, the file or directory is corrupted, please try again"

This behavior of Microsoft Windows makes all your hard drive partitions and data inaccessible. To resolve this issue and gain access of your valuable data, you need to find out the cause of this problem and perform Partition Recovery.

Grounds of this issue

You may face this situation due to corruption of one or more Windows partitions. The problem might occur due to compatibility issues between operating system and file system. Due to the same, Windows takes the hard drive partitions as damaged and inaccessible.


In order to recover the lost partitions, you need to use Partition Recovery Software. These are highly automated tools that use effective and advanced scanning algorithms to thoroughly scan entire hard drive. They can efficiently recover all the damaged, lost or inaccessible partitions.

This software come equipped with simple and self-descriptive user interface with rich graphical support and thus allow you to have Do It Yourself recovery in almost all partition loss scenarios. The software are equipped with read-only and non-destructive conduct and do not perform any write operations.

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Author is researching on partition related problem and partition data recovery. For lost partition recovery she has used partition recovery software and recovered all lost partition data.